lundi, juin 23, 2008

Michel Waisvisz

june 21st, 2008
You probably already heard the sad news of Michel Waisvisz' passing away, earlier this
week in his home in Amsterdam ... On monday july 14th, there will be a special edition
of Radio AligreFM's "Songs of Praise", dedicated to Michel. Part of this tribute will
consist in the live performance of a 'Cracklebox Sinfonietta', for which we intend to
bring together in the studio as many parisian crackleboxes as we can, along with their
players ...
If you are in or near Paris on july 14th, and have a 'kraakdoos', please get in touch ...
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*** Extra: Sunday june 22nd the Ana-R Chamber Orchestra, including Rébus, AntonC,
MBie and Har$, will perform a parisian sound cityscape score, produced by the Corean
artist Daily, on the occasion of his visit to French capital.
At 'La Veilleuse', Paris XX, as of 19h. Details: ***

Harold Schellinx

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